About SponsaDobe

The History

Sponsadobe started life in 1988, and was the brainchild of Connie Wilton – since then names such as Connies husband Alf (now both sadly deceased), Yvonne Archer, Peter & Audrey Kelly (1993-2003), Elaine and Albie have all played their part in keeping Sponsadobe running. The baton was then handed over to Lynda Tregenna at the beginning of 2004, who held it faithfully until June 2019, and is currently residing with Nicholas Brown.


To raise funds to provide sanctuary and accommodation, giving a more favourable quality of life in one of our kennels for dogs which unfortunately cannot be rehomed. Having said that, there have been just a few cases in this time span when an exception to that rule has been applied, but only when careful appraisal and proper attention was paid to their needs, and under experienced handling has a home been successfully granted.

Helping Unhomable Dobes

Those which are on Sponsadobe had been considered not suitable for rehoming  and are there for many reasons. These include, Dobes used purely as guard dogs, Dobes with health issues often caused by neglect or mis-treated and thereafter the  owners had decided to discard them (sometimes in appalling conditions and locations). Other reasons are aggression (can you wonder why), and unbelievably because the owner has become an old aged pensioner!

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Dobes quickly settle as they become aware that they are safe and free from whatever unpleasant experience they had endured. They also enjoy having a routine to their day to day lives. Once familiar to them they become happy and content with the kennel environment. It never ceases to amaze how they soon build up a rapor with the kennel staff and dog walkers, a true joy to witness.


Our twice yearly Sponsadobe Newsletter explains by giving more detailed information about the dogs currently with us, and the various predicaments they found themselves in which made them prime candidates to become Sponsadobes. Included within the newsletter is a picture of each Dobe and any updated news on their welfare along with general news from other Sponsadobe members, upcoming events being held around the country to raise funds. Some people like to sponsor a particular Dobe and we are happy to send a photo when time permits. However, all the money donated to Sponsadobe goes to all the Dobes in our care at any one time. We have found that by using the Sponsadobe scheme it avoids the drain on our main funds which are there to provide care, veterinary treatment and kennelling costs for the Dobes awaiting new homes.


New Sponsadobe members initially receive a certificate of membership, car sticker (or) badge and receive the latest Sponsadobe newsletter which is available ONLY to members.


We offer a range of recurring annual and monthly membership rates. The Sponsadobe scheme is ideal for anyone not in a position to own their own Dobermann, and the minimum to receive all the above is just £8 per year – a small amount I’m sure you will agree, but every little helps. Obviously you can donate as much as you are able and donations can be made via recurring Direct Debit, Card Payment or PayPal – but remember just £8 every year keeps your Sponsadobe Newsletter being sent to you.

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