About: Willow

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. This is Willow, she is 6 months old, and has not yet had a season. She has lived with two Dobermann and an elderly Jack Russell. Since arriving in the home, she has caused disruption and has attacked the Jack Russell. Willow is nervous, but has not done anything untoward to humans. However due to her behaviour she will need to be homed in a home where: –

  • There is an experienced owner
  • There are no other animals
  • There are no children
  • Someone can commit time to her and give her plenty of socialisation and training

Update: Willow got her fantastic new home. Special Thanks to Mr & Mrs Adamson. Willow loved them. I’m sure they will all be very happy. Didn’t expect that to happen so soon. She has a long journey back to the seaside now. So pleased she didn’t wait long. xx

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