About: Lola

This is 8 month old Lola. Her owners only had her for a month. She was purchased from an ‘agent’ and has been imported from Russia. She had a passport. As you can see her ears were not kept upright. Her owners not able to give Lola the care she needs. As far as we know she has not had a season as yet. Lola has lived with small dogs and a GSD, and appears ok towards cats. She was also used to an elderly Staffy. Lola recently had a cut to one of her paws and is currently on medication for the recovery. We are advised her recall is very good. This is basically all the information we have. Lola is at our Essex kennels

Update: Lola got her home today too. She’s gone to live with our delightful Boris. Long may they both be happy. Thank you Helena Knights for giving two of our rescue Dobermanns a lovely home. You will need to get another sofa unless you want to sit on the floor! Thank you so much 🐾🐾

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