About: Kira

Kira came to us as an ex-breeding bitch – she’s a bossy madam, but is very loving and just requires a firm hand. She was based at the Telford kennels.


Kira is house trained, and responds to most basic commands well, particularly when treats are on hand!

History & Health

Kira has been used for breeding, and currently has saggy boobs, and has been experiencing a phantom pregnancy. Her general health is not too bad, with shiny teeth and pink gums! She is currently being treated for mites in her ears, but should be good to go within the next couple of months.


Kira is well adjusted to visitors, and enjoys fuss from everyone, including kids. She can be boisterous at times, so we recommend she is only homed with children over 12 yrs old. She gets on quite well with other dogs, although can be nervous of larger dogs.