About: Dillinger

This handsome chap is approximately 4-years old and has been on rescue longer than necessary. Probably because he has an old injury to his back leg. It has now been fully investigated by 2 vets who stated that although he obviously has lameness in his back leg, it does not affect his quality of life. He is a happy, sociable, affectionate, playful dog who enjoys walks, running free and is a good swimmer. Dillinger needs an experienced home. With no children. He does not like to be disciplined!! Can you give him a happy home?

Update: I’m sure you will all be pleased to know Dillinger has finally been homed. After a very long spell in kennels Sue Thorpe brought him to us in Essex in December with the hope he would be found a home more quickly. Thank you Sue! The long journey was definitely worth your trouble. He has gone to live with a lone man. We’re sure he will much happier in his home!