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Firstly, I have to report that after the website being live for barely a week, we have already received several enquiries from folks who need to surrender a Dobe to a rescue shelter. We know it’s part of the job of running a rescue organisation, and we expect people to call us up with unwanted Dobes. We also know you’ll probably get fed up of us banging on repeatedly about how much time and effort you should expect to put into a Dobe (or any big dog).

We’re just trying to reduce the number of people who buy a Dobe because they let their heart rule their head when faced with a clutch of cute Dobey pups. So, let’s look at the brighter side of rescue for a moment – We want to hear your stories!

Tell us your Dobey story

Happy Dobe StoriesRescue organisations throughout the country take in and rehome thousands of dogs every year – hundreds are Dobermanns. Looking after a Dobe isn’t any harder than looking after any other medium/large breed. Just as there are people who take on Dobes who probably shouldn’t, there are also lots of poeple out there who are able to, and just don’t realise it!

So, to help us tell the world about the great state of life that is Dobe ownership (or rather, being owned by a Dobe), send us your stories, and we’ll publish them on the blog. We really hope you can help, as the more stories we can post, the more people will hopefully discover how much joy can be derived from rehoming a Dobe in need.

So go on, put pen to paper… or mouse to mousepad, and send us your story!

You can email your story to  or you can use the form on the Contact Us page – and just choose the option to send us your story.

Guidance on stories

  • Try to keep your story to around 250 words – but you can send more if you like.
  • Please clearly mark the start and end of the wording of your story.
  • Please include how you would like to be identified in your story (e.g. Brian from Coventry).
  • Please include any photographs.


  1. lisa-marie - 2014-02-06 02:49 Quote

    I honestly can express how amazed i was to even discover there was people who would give up a doberman they have had the honour of owning . Its not like i dont know there first yeear of life they can be a hand ful but never in a horrid way . Only a way where they to clever and cheeky for there own good !! I have brought puppies and would not of given up my babys for world , and my dobermans give me soooo much back i felt so loved and they was a honour and so much a part of my family . My two daughters grow up ith then from a young age . Xx keinzo and kiara , both have passed away from mainly old age but kiaras heat was also packing in . Devastated was putting it mildly.. and have there ashesclose to me .. any way ill get to my point … i happened to rescue my ruby(5year old female ) who had come up on face book three years ago and was going to be put to sleep purley because her owner had had enougth of her because a smaller dog recently brought , and she was pushed out x i got in contact with whom had her at te and , well she been with me ever since xx and got how rewarding my three years with her .. she has grown from a timod and scared little girl to a confident almost to confident but soo stunning and loving and i would never purches a puppie again due to how amazingly awarding it has been with my ruby xx and thats how i found this site and am hoping to view a male on sat xx thanks to these azing people that desearve all the surrport possible xxany thanks from all doberman lovers

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