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It’s been a bit of a rough patch for our online activities, and a few of you have noticed that we went offline for a few days. Then it turned into a couple of weeks. To cut a long story short, our previous website died a sudden death, and we weren’t able to restore it.

Luckily for us Steve Sant, a previous adopter of one of our Dobes, noticed our problem and kindly stepped in to take up the reins and his company, Sant Media, has redesigned a new website for us!

As time has been pressing, and we didn’t want to loose our Google ranking, we thought it was probably best to relaunch our website sooner than later, so there are still a few areas on this website that need finishing, most notably:

  • Merchandising – we still have a vast array of Dobey related goodies for sale. Please contact us for a list in the interim, but we will be getting these details available again soon.
  • Links – we obviously like to maintain links with other organisations in the Dobey/dog world, so we will be building up our links page again soon.

Please bear with us while we get things straightened out, and PLEASE leave a message here if there’s anything you’de like to see on the new site!

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