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It’s no April fool – Lennox is about to be euthanised

There is a case ongoing in Norther Ireland regarding a dog called Lennox.

Save Lennox from the Cruel BSLLennox is a loveable 5 year old family member, and therapy animal for the family’s young daughter. He’s an American Bull dog Labrador cross that the family have owned since he was a little pup. As responsible dog owners that also foster for numerous Northern Ireland dog shelters they had Lennox as a young pup Micro chipped, Neutered, DNA Registered, Pet Safe Registered, Insured and Licensed every year with the Council without fail.

While Lennox isn’t a Dobermann, he has fallen victim to one of the most controversial and unfair pieces of legislation ever to affect pet dogs. Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) allows the seizure of dogs based, so it would seem, on little more than a dog warden’s opinion of the dog’s appearance. BSL targets the wrong end of the dog lead entirely. The campaign has gathered a lot of support, including canine Celebs,  and Victoria Stilwell has also joined the protest to save Lennox.

As of 1st April, Lennox still breathes, although on 29th March, after over 300 days of being kept in questionable conditions by Belfast City Council, the order passed for him to be euthanised.

BSL can affect all of us, and Dobermann’s, due to their ill founded reputation, would almost certainly find themselves in the firing line if any such legislation reared it’s ugly head again on the mainland.

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Further information and the facility to offer support to the owners can be found here:


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