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Anthony and Cleopatra have now been rehomed – thanks for your interest!

Cleopatra (red collar) is approx 4 years old and Anthony (green collar) is approx 8 years old. This lovely pair were thrown away, found wandering the streets and ended up in the pound. No one claimed them and of course no one wanted them so they were taken in by Many Tears Rescue in the hope that some kind soul out there may adopt the pair.

They’re now living in a foster home and are lovely affectionate Dobes who adore everyone and will become very loyal to their special people. They may have lived outside previously due to their coats and condition but the toilet training is getting there and they’re very keen to please. They’re good with other dogs, do not chew or steal things and can be left for a reasonable amount of time with the run of the house. Cleopatra is a true Velcro Dobe in and out of the house; her recall is excellent as she likes to stick very close to you. She has just learnt the joys of running in big open spaces and has a wonderful time hurtling round in big circles, stopping however still needs some work as she forgets to look where she’s going and will sometimes stop by crashing into you or the other dogs! She walks very well on the lead and is respectful and easy in the house.

Anthony is a sweet yet cheeky old man; in the house he’s stuck to your hip and will nudge you for attention, this boy just desperately wants to be loved and would be more than happy to sit there all day long being stroked and cuddled. He walks well on the lead but his recall is a work in progress as he’s a bit of a wanderer when out in the fields. He’s a very loving Dobe who deserves a comfortable home and someone special to care for him in his later years.

They’ve been good with older children we’ve met but as we don’t know their history and they’re big dogs without much spatial awareness, we’d prefer they went to an adult only home. These two adore each other and really need to stay together, if you love Dobes, you won’t be able to help but fall in love with this pair.They are currently being fostered in Swindon, Wilts.


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