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A shocking report released a few weeks ago by the RSCPA has revealed that just under 1 in 5 people who purchase a pedigree puppy, give it up within 2 years.

The depressing statistics continue, showing that nearly a quarter of the owners (24 per cent) who bought a pedigree puppy in the past two years based their decision mainly on appearance, and a massive 56 per cent of buyers did not see the puppy with its mother before they bought it.

20% of pedigree puppies end up in rescueDue to the horrific conditions of puppy farms (also called puppy mills, or puppy factories), and poor selection for breeding, around 36% of them had experienced health issues, and 3% had been put to sleep within 2 years.

With rescue centres throughout the UK now bursting at the seams, and around 25% of all dogs in rescue being pedigree breeds, it is inexcusable for people to continue supporting back street puppy breeders who sell primarily through online puppy warehouse websites.

Thousands of dogs (including, sadly, Dobes) are euthanised every year through no fault of their own, so before you order yourself a puppy, please consider very carefully why you aren’t helping a Dobe who needs a home.

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