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Pet Blood BankIf you have an accident, or fall ill and require a blood transfusion, then it’s almost taken for granted that the hospital will be able to “top you up” and keep you going. The story for our four legged friends is not so clear. That’s why the charity Pet Blood Bank was set up. Dobey’s have a less common blood type, so it’s important to consider donating to the service if you can.

Pet Blood Bank

Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk) is a not for profit charity which provides a national canine blood bank. Supported by Vets Now, the UK’s leading emergency and critical care veterinary providers, PBBuk is the first service of its kind to collect, process, store and supply pet blood products.

If your dog meets the following conditions, then it is probably able to donate blood

  • should have a good temperament
  • be aged between one and eight years old
  • weigh more than 25 kilos
  • should not have travelled abroad
  • should be up-to-date on all vaccinations
  • should be fit and healthy

For more information, please visit the website, and ask your vet if they support the scheme.

One blood donation can save the lives of up to four dogs.

Dobermann’s have valuable blood!

Well, of course your Dobey needs his/her blood – but it is a rare type of blood, so it is more important that suplies are maintained! The charity is particularly calling for owners of negative blood type breeds such as greyhounds, boxers, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, flat coated retrievers, Rottweilers, Wiemaraners and bull mastiffs, to register their dog to give blood.

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