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Our 2016 CHRISTMAS TREAT FUND is now open!

Those of you who have been associated with Rescue for many years will know of this fund, but for the benefit of those of you that are new –  it gives us great enjoyment on your behalf to be able to  buy extra treats for the dogs in kennels over the Christmas period and your contribution however small ads up.

BaronFor the past few years now we have managed with your help to spoil the dogs with new toys, chews, beds, winter coats. In fact, whatever a particular dog enjoys. Our Zac loved tapping a hollow ball around which deposited small treats ever so often, however the girl he lived with wasn’t  interested in this at all (except for the treats she could steal from him) – they are all different, aren’t they. Anyhow, you can see from the picture below treats bought and distributed between ALL of the dogs last year.

We sincerely hope to do the same again this year so you can donate various ways either send a cheque payable to SPONSADOBE and please write Xmas Treat Fund on reverse, to Lynda Tregenna, 1 Heathfield Bungalow, Rose Lane, Lenham Heath, Maidstone, Kent, ME17 2JR, or give cash to us or any of our colleagues around the show scene.

If easier you can donate via PayPal below. Whatever way everyone thanks you so, so much you really do help make the dogs stay over the festive season joyful.

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