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Each year we create our own Dobermann Rescue Calendar featuring our rescue dogs, as opposed to buying in a generic Dobermann one, and we are planning to do the same for 2021.

In order to be able to do that however, we need some amazing photos of our wonderful rescue furbabies! So, albeit a little later than usual, we are running a photo competition to get you to send in your best photos for a chance to get your rescue dobe featured in the 2021 Dobermann Rescue Calendar!

How to Enter

To enter take a photo of your Rescue Dobermann following the guidelines below and email it to along with the name of your dog and the month and year that you adopted him or her. Entries close on 31st March 2021

Please do read and take note of the guidelines! Sadly, each year, we are unable to use the majority of photos that are submitted because they are not ‘print quality’ – which makes us sad as we’d really love to feature them if we can.

Photo Guidelines:

  • Photo must be taken in a landscape orientation ⇔ NOT portrait ⇕, OR square
  • Photo dimensions must be 3,580 pixels wide by 2,550 pixels high at a resolution of 300 dpi or higher (use a digital camera if possible). These are minimum requirements for the printers. Photos of this quality are usually several MB in file size each.
  • Photo should clearly feature your dog as the main element of the shot.
  • Try and capture your dog’s character in the image

See below for examples of the type of images that work well, and some that don’t:

The images above would all work well because the rescue Dobe is clearly featured, the photos are in focus with good lighting, and there are no erroneous objects in the frame.

There’s also a useful article on how to take great photos on your phone here: www.wikihow.com/Take-a-Good-Picture-On-Your-Camera-Phone

Sadly, whilst still great photos in some way, the images below don’t work so well and would not be suitable for the calendar.

Bins detract from image

Dog isn’t clearly visible

Dog is too small in frame


Image quality is poor

Image is wrong orientation

Image is wrong orientation


Image is too dark/poor lighting

Entries close on 28th August 2020, so get busy with those cameras and send your entries to: along with the name of your dog and the month and year that you adopted him or her.


  1. Radu Cristian Dragomir - 2021-02-10 18:47 Quote

    Hi, im înterested to adopt a wee doby, which îs The dog of my life. I live în craigavon, northern ireland with my girlfriend în a big house with a big garden where im sure The wee doby Will feel so loved and cherished… I have experience with dobys, as i hâd one long time ago în my country… So if you have a wee soul Who need a loving home, please contact me..
    Regards, Radu Dragomir

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