About Us

Dobermann Rescue is a registered charity dedicated to making  a better life for Dobermanns that need homes. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years and couldn’t do so without your support! Outlined below is a brief summary of our history…

Our History

In the beginning

In 1967 eight Dobermann owners got together and decided there was a need for a rescue organisation for Dobermanns. At the inaugural meeting they each put money into a kitty and Dobermann Rescue was born. Since those far-off days more than 13,000 Dobermanns have successfully been rescued and rehomed, many being cruelty or starvation cases. Some become victims of marriage breakdowns or house repossessions. But sadly and all to often its an irresponsible owner who hasn’t researched the breed thoroughly and bought their Dobermann for all the wrong reasons.

Registered charity status

In 1985 Dobermann Rescue became a Registered Charity and is managed by a council of eight trustees, elected by it’s members currently numbering 60. People are only invited to become members after being actively involved in helping Dobermanns over a minimum period of two years, (under our rules there is no entrance fee or annual subscriptions). We feel that this is the most democratic way of running our organisation and we certainly get maximum support.

Our coverage

Dobermann Rescue covers most parts of the UK which for ease of management we have divided into areas. Area officers are responsible for vetting homes initially and for regular home checks once a dog has been rehomed and has had time to settle. However, their role is also to provide advice, guidance and practical help, this usually helps prevent a newly rehomed from joining the ranks of the unwanted again. Furthermore new owners of Rescue Dobermanns are encouraged to join a Dog training class.


In 1988 the “Sponsadobe” scheme was born to look after Dobes that are long term residents in our kennels – see the Sponsadobe page for full details.

Events and fund raising

We organise fund raising events such as Companion Dog Shows, Rallies, Sponsored Walks, Fun Days etc. We also have collection boxes across the country which can be found in pet shops, boarding kennels, veterinary surgery’s etc. Then we have another very valuable source of funding “Dobermann Rescue Sales”. The sales crew travel far and wide to many Dog Shows around the country, especially to the biggest Dog Show on Earth… “Crufts”. Selling Dobermann related goodies the sales crew are always well stocked with items of clothing, stationary and gifts etc. Stocks are constantly changing so check the “Merchandise” page regularly. Our Logo, a lifebelt surrounding the head of a Dobermann has become a well-known trademark in the world of dogs and beyond, and our slogan “HELP US TO HELP THEM” is also we feel, very apt.


Help us!

All Area Officers do so on a purely voluntary basis, as do all of the Council members, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Sales & Sponsadobe co-ordinator .

Time has certainly marched on since those early days and unfortunately our presence is needed now more than ever.